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Small Steps

"Success will never be a big step in the future; Success is a small step taken just now."


I am always surprised at the number of people who have the mistaken idea that success and happiness are locations that they are working toward. It’s as if they were taking a trip. Many people believe that success or happiness or fulfillment exists out there in the future like some celestial pit-stop. The truth is that success is what happens to us every single day. As I say in my book Right or Almost Right, "Greatness is in the moment of decision. The small steps you must take to the top of the mountain are easy steps. Success is made up of thousands of small, seemingly insignificant steps." But, there is a problem. Those small steps are easy to take but just as easy not to take.

If you think about how powerful this truth is, it can really change your life. What if you make a difference, right now? What small step can you take right now? What change could you make right now that would change the outcome of your life? If you think in those microscopic terms and apply that strategy to the big changes you want to make, you will begin to see that you are making huge strides toward success without even realizing it!

Here is an example that may help illustrate this point. Suppose someone wants to quit a bad habit, like smoking. Does success come because the person quits for one day or for 20 years? What if, at the end of 20 years, the person lights up one cigarette. Is that person a failure? Of course not! We measure success by what happens day-to-day, not in a single moment. Therefore, if the person stops smoking for just one day, he or she has been a success for one day. The secret now is to repeat that success story for the next day, and the next day, and the day after . . . Only then will the person see the "big picture" of success.

Every day that you make a change is a day of victory. Start celebrating your small steps!


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