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Right or Almost Right

Right or Almost Right is based on John Haremza’s years of success in network marketing. It’s Johns answer to the questions so many ask, such as “where’s the money?”, “Why am I not seeing the success I expected?”

As John says, “I meet so many intelligent, hard-working dedicated network marketers who are struggling. They are not seeing the results they expected and they always ask why. John believes that the small subtleties of how the network marketing business is done make the big difference between making a little money versus making a lot of money, between success and struggling.

This book was an immediate best-seller on Amazon.

Your Business At Home Magazine

John was on the cover of the April 2007 issue of Your Business At Home magazine. Inside, he talks about his belief in the network marketing industry. John is a very, very strong believer in network marketing’s potential to change lives forever and reminds his teams that “network marketing changed my life beyond my wildest imagination.”

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I’m Going To The Top

This is John’s first book and it tells his rags to riches story. Starting out with a learning disability (dyslexia) in high school, to his first and only job as a maintenance person with no self-esteem and no self-confidence, to life as a millionaire. I’m Going To The Top was written in 1996 and includes some great tips from John’s early years in network marketing.

Small Steps To The TOP

Small Steps To The Top is John’s personal philosophy for success in network marketing. Every small step you take toward your goal has the potential to have a major impact on your life. As John says, “the small step I made to go to a friend’s house for a business meeting changed my life forever.”


Set of CD’s by Stephen Covey: Seven Habits of Highly Effective Networkers

Stephen Covey is a world renowned author best known for his hugely successful book, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. Covey uses John Haremza as an example of his sixth habit: synergy, or working together. Success is all about getting more done by working together.

The Greatest Networker In the World

John Haremza was featured in John Milton Fogg’s latest book . This book tells the story of 21 network marketers from around the world whose lives have never been the same since they found networking.

Network Marketing Times

John Haremza was featured in the May/June 2010 issue of Network Marketing Times as a Master Networker. In this article, John focuses on his basics for success.


Ambassadors Of Network Marketing – Hall Of Fame 2018

A network marketing servant-leader focuses primarily on the growth and well-being of people and the communities to which they belong.

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John Haremza – Javita Top Earner Interview

Dec 6, 2012 … John Haremza lives in Fargo, North Dakota, has been married 24 years to his wife Jana and has 2 beautiful daughters. John is the master Distributor for Javita.

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John Haremza – Javita Hits $12 Million in Career Earnings

Nov 19, 2012 … John Haremza is a 23 year network marketing veteran with lifetime earnings over $12 million. He is the Master Distributor for Javita.

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Network Marketing Pro Interview with Eric Worre

This is an excellent interview conducted by John Haremza with networker Eric Worre. John emphasizes the power of network marketing. Watch the video interview here.

John Haremza has produced hundreds of tools ranging from CDs, DVDs, audio tapes, webinars, manuals and brochures. John has sold well over 1,000,000 of these tools.

Celebrating Women Magazine 2009 November volume 2

When John was interviewed in this magazine he talked about the power of women in network marketing. Our business is all about building personal relationships and women are the absolute best at that.

Lake and Home Magazine

This is a regional magazine that chronicles John’s rags to riches story from struggling through school with dyslexia to working in a potato chip factory for $9.00 an hour to living the millionaire lifestyle.

Inspired Home Magazine

December 2011 – John and his family were featured in Inspired Home Magazine. The article features his rags to riches story and his home decorated for Christmas.

John Maxwell

I feel greatly honored to be included in John Maxwell's "Training Program".